Why do you use less sugar? My child finds Slurrp Farm very bland

November 12, 2016

Childhood can be sweet, without adding excessive sugar! We use a minimal amount of organic brown sugar in the Cereals. Both Slurrp Farm Cereals and Cookies contain less sugar than other comparable products. Sugar creates an addictive response in the brain, and is linked to childhood obesity, toxic liver effects, diabetes and tooth decay. Look out for hidden sugars in everyday foods and be informed about the true amount of processed sugar in your child’s daily diet. Children do NOT need to eat a sugar free diet, but we want to try to put the control back in the hands of parents when we can.

Why do you use ragi in so many recipes?

November 12, 2016

Ragi is a millet which is a very good source of calcium and natural iron which is essential to the diets of growing children for the bone growth and overall development. To drive the point home, ragi contains 10 times the calcium of rice and wheat!

Who comes up with the recipes?

November 12, 2016

Our recipes are a combination of what our grandmothers’ used to make with inputs from a nutritionist and paediatrician. It is rigorously tested by own children! Mandakini Gupta of Smitten bakery has lovingly translated our cookie dreams into truly scrumptious reality! The cereals are a combination of what our grandmas suggested we feed our own babies…with a fruity twist.

Just like a home kitchen

November 12, 2016

We put on the shelves only the best – food that we feed our own children and eat ourselves at home. All our recipes are made with care with the best quality ingredients we can source. We use certified organic ingredients where possible.

Healthy eating starts early

November 12, 2016

We take our responsibility for feeding little children very seriously, and we work to support parents in creating healthy and fun eating habits from the very start. Research shows that children who develop a foundation of good eating habits are most likely to continue that habit into their adult lives.

100% wholesome good stuff

November 12, 2016

We’ll always be true to our no preservatives and no artificial flavours policy. We use natural sugar substitutes like jaggery, honey or organic brown sugar where possible. We do not use hydrogenated fats and minimize the use of any refined flours. We love incorporating millets, lentils and wholegrains in our recipes.

Recipes from our grandmothers

November 12, 2016

All our recipes begin with what our grandmothers told us when we had kids. We discuss them in our home kitchen with friends, and run them past experts in paediatric nutrition. We want to provide parents like ourselves, with convenient, healthy and tasty options based on traditional food wisdom.

Our Mission

November 12, 2016

Our mission at Slurrp Farm is quite simply to engage children to eat well and make eating fun for them.

A huge part of what motivates us is the desire to return to simpler times, in response to the disarray in the way people are eating nowadays. This has led to several problems including the worrying prevalence of childhood obesity and diseases such as diabetes and cancer, which are often linked to the quality of our food. We believe that in some sense we need to go back to eating like our grandparents did, to question and understand the provenance of ingredients, and to eat organic whenever we can.

At Slurrp Farm we want to provide today’s parents a healthy way to eat on the go – parents can trust a Slurrp Farm goodie as if they made it themselves. The future of Slurrp Farm is to continue to believe in and thoroughly enjoy doing what we do. To work with people that we like and have a lot of fun while doing so – we enjoy laughing a lot!