Our Story

The Slurrp Farm story begins when both of us (Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik) first started to look for high quality and healthy food options for our own children. Upon intensive research, we found a similar sentiment being shared by parents of other young children too. Realising the huge gap of available options that passed our own scrutiny, we decided to embark on a journey to provide healthy, tasty and natural food for children.

What followed was a whirlwind of childhood memories. “My mum used to force a Ragi drink down my throat, I wish we could come up with a yummy way to eat Ragi”. “I used to love cheese-lings – why can’t we bake them in a tasty way”…

And along the way, many different recipes were tried and tested. Some of them with some pretty tough little customers – pre-schoolers. They tried our first six recipes and we asked them what they thought of each of our products. Since children don’t lie (or spare your feelings!) the choice was clear and the first three Slurrp Farm cookies were born.

Looking back, our biggest challenge has been to find a way to make what tastes delicious in a home kitchen, taste the same on a shelf when it reaches your hands, without adding anything to it. We didn’t know that this would be such a challenge. But we also didn’t know we would have so much fun on the journey and meet so many cool people along the way who would help us figure it out…


Shauravi Malik

Her passion is to get her son Roshen (and hopefully other little tots like him) to gobble up all the exciting food ideas that are brimming in her own kitchen. In her previous avatar, she brings over ten years of experience as a finance professional. She worked in the Consumer, Healthcare and Retail Advisory team and the Leveraged Finance team at J.P. Morgan, and was an Investment Manager at Sir Richard Branson’s Group Holding entity at the Virgin Group in London. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Cambridge University and a BA in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

Shauravi’s most memorable years were the fourteen that she spent at her school Sardar Patel Vidyalaya which followed a no junk food philosophy way back in the good old 1980s!

Meghana Narayan

She is passionate about children’s nutrition and health and is keen to make a dent on India’s appalling malnutrition statistics. Her incessant effort to feed Miss Nandita (her 3 year old) healthy food by making it taste great, led her to start this venture. Prior to her activities at Slurrp Farm, she was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company in Delhi where she led the public health practice. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA in Computation as a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford University and a BE with Distinction in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University.

Meghana swam competitively for India for many years, including at the Asian Games and she sincerely hopes that better nutrition for India’s children will result in more golden Olympic medals!

The awesome people who have helped us grow

Umang Bhattacharyya

Umang Bhattacharyya is the person behind the branding for Slurrp Farm. He has conjured up the language of the brand to make it easy to communicate with parents and children alike. Umang wears many hats that allow him to do this with ease – he is a doting dad to little miss Meera and Baani, he is a trained Graphic Designer, film maker and photographer with over ten years of experience. And if all that was not enough, he is above all a foodie at heart and a fantastic cook.

Mandakini Gupta

Mandakini Gupta is the loving creator of Slurrp Farm’s cookies. She has meticulously handcrafted the recipes we are launching with and was focussed on using only the best of ingredients. She is also the owner and pastry chef at Smitten Bakery and Patisserie. Mandakini spent the first decade of her career as a journalist at NDTV; however once she discovered her passion for cooking – there was no turning back! She spent the initial time working in commercial kitchens like Indigo Deli in Mumbai, the Michelin starred WD50 in New York. After a course at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, she honed her skills at the pastry chain L’Opera before launching ‘Smitten’. Mandakini is also a passionate animal lover and is constantly rescuing animals off the street, in between her bouts of frenetic baking.

Our Advisors

Sheela Krishnaswamy

Merging healthy home-food recipes with all the wisdom of modern food nutrition – Sheela Krishnaswamy has advised us on the nutritional aspect of our recipes which are intrinsic to a child’s growth and overall development. A Registered Dietitian based in Bangalore, Sheela comes with over 33 years of professional experience in the clinical, corporate and communication spaces. She was trained in India and overseas. She is active in national and international dietetic associations. Currently she is an independent Diet, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.

Nisha Millet

As the first Indian to qualify for swimming at the Olympics (Sydney 2000) and an Arjuna Award winner, Nisha Millet has been making the country proud since over a decade. In this sense she is the perfect brand ambassador for Slurrp Farm. As an international-level athlete, Nisha truly believes that healthy eating starts early. Especially in the field of sports where apart from dedication, drive and discipline, diet is extremely important – to keep both your mind and body strong. Nisha is also the Director of the Nisha Millet Swimming Academy which conducts swim programs for adults and children in 10 centers across Bangalore. The Academy has coached more than 8,000 swimmers over the last 10 years!

Abhinav Dayal

Abhinav has an experience of over 18 years in the supply chain industry. He currently heads the Relco group with operations in 20 cities and with more than 40 warehouse and supply chain operations for various customers such as Mars Chocolates and . He is harnessing his knowledge of the logistics industry and helping us bring the Slurrp Farm goodies to all corners of India.

Our Mission

Our mission at Slurrp Farm is quite simply to engage children to eat well and make eating fun for them.

A huge part of what motivates us is the desire to return to simpler times, in response to the disarray in the way people are eating nowadays. This has led to several problems including the worrying prevalence of childhood obesity and diseases such as diabetes and cancer, which are often linked to the quality of our food. We believe that in some sense we need to go back to eating like our grandparents did, to question and understand the provenance of ingredients, and to eat organic whenever we can.

At Slurrp Farm we want to provide today's parents a healthy way to eat on the go - parents can trust a Slurrp Farm goodie as if they made it themselves. The future of Slurrp Farm is to continue to believe in and thoroughly enjoy doing what we do. To work with people that we like and have a lot of fun while doing so - we enjoy laughing a lot!

Our Values

  • 01 Just like a home kitchen

    We put on the shelves only the best – food that we feed our own children and eat ourselves at home. All our recipes are made with care with the best quality ingredients we can source. We use certified organic ingredients where possible.

  • 02 Healthy eating starts early

    We take our responsibility for feeding little children very seriously, and we work to support parents in creating healthy and fun eating habits from the very start. Research shows that children who develop a foundation of good eating habits are most likely to continue that habit into their adult lives.

  • 03 100% wholesome good stuff

    We’ll always be true to our no preservatives and no artificial flavours policy. We use natural sugar substitutes like jaggery, honey or organic brown sugar where possible. We do not use hydrogenated fats and minimize the use of any refined flours. We love incorporating millets, lentils and wholegrains in our recipes.

  • 04 Recipes from our grandmothers

    All our recipes begin with what our grandmothers told us when we had kids. We discuss them in our home kitchen with friends, and run them past experts in paediatric nutrition. We want to provide parents like ourselves, with convenient, healthy and tasty options based on traditional food wisdom.