Healthy Breakfast Recipe For Fussy Eaters - Banana Oats Paniyaram kept on a plate along with a banana on it's side.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe For Fussy Eaters - Banana Oats Paniyaram

Healthy Breakfast Recipe For Fussy Eaters - Banana Oats Paniyaram

By Monalisa Mehrotra

It’s monsoon season and we crave something sweet now and then. But these cravings need not go down as guilt trips. There exists a snack that is sweet and tasty, but also nutritious and healthy. It will also serve a healthy breakfast recipe for fussy eaters. Hard to believe? Well, be ready to be surprised.

 This Is A True Story About A Fussy Eater Kid

Banana oats paniyaram is a soft, porous, and irresistible dish from the South Indian state of Kerela. It can even be made out of leftover idli batter. This irresistible delicacy is the healthier version of sweet banana fritters. Not only it is a quick, easy, healthy breakfast recipe for fussy eaters, but also great finger food for toddlers.


What is finger food?

Babies between the age of 12-36 months are categorized as toddlers. During this age, an infant is becoming a preschooler and requires a lot of nutrition and energy of the day to day activities. These little kids can now eat solid foods and frequently try to get their hands on something they can feed themselves. Finger food fulfills that role. It is a yummy, healthy, and safe food that your kid can get their hands on and not make too big a mess.

Paniyarams or Appe are great finger food for children. These appeal to the kids due to their bite-sized nature. The best thing about the paniyarams is that the possibilities are endless, you can make them sweet or savory as well as hide tons of vegetables in them for fussy eaters. 


With the goodness of protein and fiber-rich oats, it can be a perfect snack for kids. High in antioxidants and easy to digest, it is sure to make your little ones giggle. While banana will add strengthen their muscles and jaggery will provide a respite to their sweet-tooth. Iron-rich and protein-dense, it can be eaten anytime and anywhere. You can pack it for lunch or eat it as breakfast, it will always be uber delicious.

Watch the recipe video:

Banana Oats Paniyaram




For the batter:

1. 1/2 Cup Slurrp Farm Organic Oats Cereal

2. 2 Tablespoon of rice flour

3. 2 Overripe bananas

4. Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder

5. One pinch of cinnamon powder (optional)

6. 2 Tablespoon desiccated coconut (optional)

7. ½ Cup milk

8. Water to adjust consistency

9. Oil or ghee to cook

10. Salt to taste


1. In a large bowl, take Slurrp Farm Oats Cereal (You can also dry roast the cereal, it is an optional step), add mashed bananas, jaggery, rice flour, desiccated coconut.


2. Now add milk and whisk together all the ingredients, add water to adjust consistency. The batter should not be too runny or too thick.

3. Heat an Aebleskiver/Appe/Paniyaram pan, brush with ghee, and spoon in the batter. Cover and cook till one side is done and then turn to cook the other half.

4. Cover and cook till one side is done and then turn to cook the other half.

5. Serve hot.


What’s stopping you? Let there be brighter smiles and happy hours all day long.


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