Healthy Recipe - Sweet Dalia

Healthy Recipe Sweet Dalia - A Wholesome Twist To Your Breakfast

Healthy Recipe Sweet Dalia - A Wholesome Twist To Your Breakfast

Sweet dalia is a well-liked healthy breakfast dish all over Indian households. Ask any north Indian mom and she'll share with you atleast a 100 variations of this nutritious go-food that can also work as an ideal snacking option. 

Dalia is also known as cracked wheat, made from whole raw wheat kernels, that are crushed or cut into smaller pieces. Usually consumed as a savory with a whole lot of veggies gone into it, we thought to give it a wholesome twist and instead decided to use our super nutritious Slurrp Farm Millet and Oats Porridge to amp up its taste quotient. What's more? I've prepared it by cooking dalia in milk and jaggery powder and to make it more nutritious and attractive added organic nut powder to it. Imagine the goodness of crushed almonds, cashews, pistachios, saffron and immunity-boosting turmeric powder added to your dalia!

What about oats dalia?

Did you know oats dalia is a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber and loaded with antioxidants? I suppose we often discard any other grain and often think wheat takes care of all our nutritional needs. I thought as much, however one day my pediatrician asked me about my little boy's carbs and fiber requirements. That's when he suggested, "Oats dalia is a good source of carbs and fiber, one of the best foods to eat when your child has upset stomach."

Since then, I've been preparing oats dalia recipe. It offers nutrition and a variety of dietary benefits. It is a complex carbohydrate with high fiber content. The rate of digestion being low, it releases glucose slowly but steadily. 

Ragi dalia Recipe: 

Like I mentioned earlier, dalia can be cooked in many ways. I've also tried ragi dalia recipe for my baby. We're all familiar with the versatility of the grain that also makes it easy to be incorporated into the family’s diet. Earlier this year, we highlighted the health benefits of ragi.  You could also make this delicious malted ragi dalia or porridge at home.

Now that I can't stress enough on the benefits of ragi or oats dalia, it would be fair to say that it is indeed an official and ideal meal option for babies, diabetics, and weight watchers. And the best part of my sweet dalia recipe is that it’s not overly sweet.

For lactose intolerant:

People with lactose intolerance are unable to fully digest the sugar (lactose) in milk. As a result, they have diarrhea, gas and bloating after consuming milk-based recipes, such as this recipe, i.e. sweet dalia.

If you have a lactose-intolerant at home? Switch over to almond milk, cashew milk, rice milk, soy milk or go without milk. Instead, cook the porridge in hot water.

Here is a recipe that is not only healthy but also tasty and stomach filling. A perfect healthy recipe for meals and breakfast.

Sweet dalia recipe:


1. One cup of Slurrp Farm Millet and Oats Organic Porridge

2. 1/4th Cup of Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder

3. One tsp of Slurrp Farm Nut Powder

4. One tbsp of ghee

5. 2 ½ Cups of milk

6. ½ Tsp cardamom powder (optional)


1. Take 1 tbsp ghee in a kadhai.



2. Add 1 cup of our Slurrp Farm Millet and Oats Porridge.



3. Roast it till it turns slightly brown (8 mins).



4. Add about 2 and  ½ cups of milk. Cook the cereal for 12 – 15 mins. 



5. Add 1/4th cup of our 100% Slurrp Farm Organic Jaggery.



6. Add 1 tsp of our 100% Organic Nut Powder. Great immunity booster with so many viruses doing the rounds.



7. Add ½ tsp cardamom powder (optional). Cook the porridge for another 10 mins (taste to see if the millets have cooked)



8. Your sweet Dalia is ready! Sprinkle some Nut Powder on top and serve warm.


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