Ideal Baby Height And Weight Chart - 0 to 12 Months

Ideal Baby Height And Weight Chart - 0 to 12 Months

Ideal Baby Height And Weight Chart - 0 to 12 Months

As parents, we often worry about developmental milestones, right from their birth up until they are old enough to eat and sleep on their own. Worrying over not rolling over, or babbling, and if those milestones are achieved, then thinking about when to start transitioning to solid food. These are the anxiety spots of all parents. However, the biggest concern is whether your baby’s height and weight milestones are being achieved? So, do you have a ready ‘ideal baby height and weight chart’ with you? Are you tracking it for your little one?  

By going back to these charts month-on-month can help parents follow the diet/meal plans which can be effective. No wonder why pediatricians and a healthy food brand such as Slurrp Farm believe in 'early start to eat smart.'

Now that it is a well-established fact that weight and height are the most important parameters, how are you mapping these significant elements that define your baby’s health? Both - height and weight are the terms used to evaluate the growth and overall development of a newborn/ infant/toddler/preschooler. The way to weigh them is by visiting your pediatrician on a regular basis. Most hospitals and children doctors have types of equipment that are designed to measure these two parameters. An underweight baby is a common problem and can be linked to quite a few factors. We will discuss this in our subsequent post.

The average weight of a healthy newborn is above 3 kilos. We have created a trackable ideal baby height and weight chart for you to pin it on.



Most Indian hospitals and pediatricians refer to the World Health Organization (WHO) growth standards. The charts below accurately show how a normal baby should grow. 

The below charts include 5 percentiles – 3%, 15%, 50% (Median), 85%, 97%

The lower end of the normal range indication is shown in the 3rd percentile line. That is 3% of the normal infants and toddlers will be below the 3rd percentile. The upper end of the normal range that is actually 3% of the normal infants and babies will be above the 97th percentile. The point is, anywhere between the 2nd and 98th percentile is appropriate growth.


In consultation with Dr Himanshu Agarwal, Svastyka Women and Kids Clinicpediatrician, Gurgaon, Haryana

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