When And How Do I Get My Baby Started On Solid Foods?

Confused or scared about when and how to introduce solid food to your baby? I would often read moms posting queries such as "How do I get my baby started on solid foods?", "When can my baby start eating solids?"

Introducing solid foods to your infant is an exciting milestone. It should stay in the picture until your baby is at least a year old. 

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First Foods For Baby 6 Months Old - What I Tried, What Worked And What Didn't

"Breastfeeding is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But 5 months into life with Dhaani at the breast, what I was actually dreading were the 'solids'. Read on to know the story of a mom's guide of dos and don’ts, validated by her doctors, which helped her navigate through the tricky phase, with a ton of nutrition, and fortunately, no tears."- shared a mother.

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