Summer Battling Healthy Recipe – Kulfi Trio. Kulfi kept on a cut coconut.

How To Make Kulfi At Home - 3 Yummy Flavors

Kulfi, a traditional, dense Indian ice cream is a perfect summer battling healthy recipe. Kulfi ice cream comes in various flavours- ranging from the traditional to the fruit flavour and to new fusion flavours too. And here we are, exploring the world of how to make a kulfi at home.

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The Wholesome Breakfast Recipe For Kids. Kid sitting on a red chair and laughing.

The Wholesome Breakfast Recipe For Kids - Millet And Oat Mix Bowl

Looking for a scrummy, healthy breakfast recipe for kids? Here we have the yummiest option for your little ones - Millet and oats mix bowl.

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Yummy Finger Millet Rawa Chocolate Pudding. Chocolate pudding kept in a cup with a spoon.

Yummy Finger Millet Rawa Chocolate Pudding

A classic chocolate-nut flavor in a rich and squidgy finger millet dessert that can be really low in sugar is all you need. Celebrate this week by treating your little and loved ones to yummy finger millet chocolate pudding.

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3 Finger Millet Benefits And Muruku Recipe. Murukus kept on a banana leaf.

3 Finger Millet Benefits And Muruku Recipe

There are so many variations that you will go wow! Don't believe it? Well, now you will. Make muruku using gram flour, wheat flour, sago, fried gram flour, etc. Depending on your family's favorite base (for instance, we love finger millet for its nutritional benefits), you could go with your preferred choice of flour.

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