Homemade Teething Ragi Biscuits

Yummy Homemade Teething Ragi Biscuits

Yummy Homemade Teething Ragi Biscuits

By Simran Oberoi Multani

Biscuits are one of the favorite snacks that kids like to rejoice over. However, most biscuits in the market are made with refined flour which is not good for health. They might also contain sugar and other preservatives that you would not want to give your child. Ragi biscuits for babies are your perfect solution for a tussle between your child’s palate and your determination to give them only healthy food. Packed with the goodness of ragi, these biscuits are rich in iron and calcium. These biscuits can be enjoyed by kids of all ages as the crunchy and tasty biscuits are not limited to only babies or toddlers.

 Easy to make, easy to store.



Teething starts at the age of 8-9 months and your little one may drool and become irritable at times. This is the time when your little one will start to learn eating techniques like biting and chewing. Therefore it's important to keep a close check as to what to feed your babies during this time. 

The Ragi Biscuits recipe is my little one's favorite. I make this often for her and she loves it. I thought of sharing it with you.

For ages, ragi has been a popular choice among Indian mothers when it comes to their baby’s first foods. Ragi or finger millet is full of nutrients and has many health benefits attached to it. Breastfeeding alone may not ensure sufficient iron in the child’s body, so ragi is a good way to restore depleted iron levels.



The health benefits of ragi needn’t stop when a child reaches toddlerhood either. Many children have severe calcium deficiency and ragi is a great way to solve this problem. 

Homemade teething ragi biscuits:


1. One cup of Slurrp Farm Mango Ragi Cereal

2. A pinch of cinnamon powder

3. 2 Tbsp cranberries

4. 2 Tsp homemade ghee

5. Carrot puree to bring the dough together

Watch the full video of the Ragi biscuits:


1. Put the cereal mix in a bowl.



2. Put dried cranberries into the cereal.



3. Add the cinnamon powder.

4. Stir to mix all three well.

5. Add the ghee and mix to incorporate all ingredients uniformly.



6. Add the carrot puree slowly to make the dough. The dough should be firm.



7. Use a cookie cutter or shape it using your hands and put them onto the baking tray.



8. Bake for 15-18 minutes at 170 degrees C.until it crisps up. Cool and store in an airtight container. Teething biscuits should be hard so that they don't dissolve or break into pieces when the baby bites it. 


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