Super Combo - DIY Ragi Cereal
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Healthy Cereals Combo for the Little Ones, No Salt No Sugar,  650g (Pack of 3)

Natural Sweeteners Combo - Jaggery Powder, Coconut Sugar and Date Powder, 900g

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  • 1 each of Jaggery powder, Coconut sugar and dates powder, 300g each
  • 100% Natural Sweeteners, best replacement to unhealthy refined white sugar
  • Natural Jaggery powder is the least processed sugar, our jaggery powder is free of chemical processing and bleach
  • Coconut sugar is made from high grade sap of flower buds of coconut palm trees and dates powder is made from premium Arabian dates
  • Low GI - In the Glycemic Index chart, Coconut sugar ranks just 35 and dates powder ranks just 38 while regular table sugar ranks between 60 and 75. Choose the healthier sugar
  • Use at 1:1 ratio instead of white sugar. Best used in Porridge, Cereals, Milk Shakes, Halwa, Kheer, Pancakes, Cakes, Homemade sweets, or with just anything you would like to sweeten
  • No Preservatives, artificial colours or enhancers
  • Weight - 300g each, shelf life - Jaggery powder - 6 months, Coconut sugar and dates powder - 12 months
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