Super Combo - Millet Dosa: Spinach (Pack of 3)

100% Organic Millet Oat Porridge (Daliya/Suji substitute)

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100% Organic Porridge with Jowar, Foxtail, Millet, Oats and nothing else.

No Salt, No Sugar, No Additives, No Preservatives.

Millets and Oats are rich source of fibre, iron, protein and anti-oxidants. Great for babies to adults.


This pack contains 250 grams of Millets and Oats Porridge.

This product is loved by people of ALL ages! Note: Please always supervise children while eating.

100% Organic Millets like Jowar and Foxtail Millet, Oats. And nothing else!
Cook 3 spoons in water or milk for 2-3 mins. Mix continuously while cooking to ensure its has a porridge like consistency. You can add some cut fruits and dried fruits. You can also add our Organic Jaggery powder or our 100% real fruit Banana Powder to sweeten the porridge.
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