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Jaggery Powder

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  • Direct 1:1 substitute for refined white sugar
  • Zero preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, trans fat or cholesterol
  • Use in anything - porridge for little ones, tea, or desserts
      Awesomeness Inside
  • Jaggery - rich source of iron, boosts digestion

Our Natural Sweeteners

  • 100% natural
  • Rich source of iron
  • Can be used as a direct substitute for refined sugar
  • No chemical processing

Regular Sweeteners

  • Preservatives
  • Micronutrient deficient
  • Refined sugar
  • Chemical processing

100% Natural powdered Jaggery

Can we use jaggery powder on a daily basis?

Yes, you can use it daily. Jaggery is a traditional Indian sweetener. It is naturally made from sugarcane and is a healthy alternative to sugar. The process of making jaggery that does not involve any chemical agents has all-natural mineral salts retained in it.

Whata are the benefits of Jaggery powder?

Jaggery is an wonderful source of necessary nutrients like Iron,Magnesium,Calcium and Phosphorus. It helps in digestion and also maintains the body’s electrolyte balance.

Can Jaggery powder prevent Anaemia?

Jaggery contains a good amount of Iron and can be incorporated in meals along with a well-balanced diet. For example, 10g of jaggery contains 0.4mg of Iron, 3% of the daily recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

Can jaggery be added to beverages?

Yes, the jaggery dissolves easily and hence can be used to any beverages,

Why is the jaggery powder brown in colour?

Our jaggery powder is made doesn't undergo any bleaching or chemical processing. Hence, it comes in its natural colour and yummy taste!

I have searched high and low, to find literally the softest jaggery with a melt in your mouth caramel texture. You will keep coming back for this one, it’s so special

-Meghana and Shauravi

Customer Reviews

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It's great items..

Date powder,jaggery,coconut sugar..evenone. too good and tasty..healthy


I have jaggery powder sent to me everytime in winters from a farm in UP. Due to some reasons we couldn't get it from there and ordered from slurrp farm . Its equally authentic and good quality. Nothing mixed. Thank you slurrp for being genuine with food products.

Dipali Patayan
The best one

Healthy option you gave me

Krishnendu Ghosh

Nice product

Pooja Assudani

100% Natural Jaggery Powder (Sugar Substitute)


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