Hi There, Welcome To Slurrp It Up!

Hi there, welcome to Slurrp It Up!

While we’re excited that you’re here, it looks like you’re a little early, as your little bundle of joy is yet to reach 5 months.

The Slurrp It Up content is customized for babies 5 months and above, and we want to ensure we don’t overwhelm you with information before time. You will start receiving our content like clockwork once your baby reaches 5 months.

[IMPORTANT: Mother’s milk is best for your baby. Weaning should not be started before the baby is 6 months of age.]

We know being a parent can be overwhelming, especially when you end up receiving different advice from different people. But, don’t worry, our team of experts (who are also parents themselves and have been in your shoes) will gently guide you where you need help.

Rest assured, we’re here to ease your parenting journey, to guide you on everything from weaning and feeding your little one to introducing all types of foods (dairy, spices, meat, veggies, oats, etc.). as well as ensuring that babies are getting all the appropriate nutrition they require to grow healthy and strong.

Each article we share contains step-by-step guides and menu plans to make implementing things simpler and easier for you, because we know you’re already juggling enough. 

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Now that you know what awaits you once your baby reaches 5 months, sit back and relax! Let their funny antics and cuteness keep you smiling – there’s so much to discover! Have faith, be joyful, and create beautiful memories because this time from your baby’s life will not come back ☺

We’ll see you shortly, when your little one turns 5 months old!

Note: All the content (Months 5 to 12) will be accessible to you once you start the Course and you’re free to explore any of the articles. But, seeing so much information at one go can be overwhelming and may not be absorbed or understood well, which is why we recommend following our cue of reading the articles in the order they are shared with you – that is Week by Week and Month by Month.

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