Our recipes are a combination of what our grandmothers’ used to make with inputs from a nutritionist and paediatrician. It is rigorously tested by own children! Mandakini Gupta of Smitten bakery has lovingly translated our cookie dreams into truly scrumptious reality! The cereals are a combination of what our grandmas suggested we feed our own babies…with a fruity twist.

Ragi is a millet which is a very good source of calcium and natural iron which is essential to the diets of growing children for the bone growth and overall development. To drive the point home, ragi contains 10 times the calcium of rice and wheat!

Whole grains are a source of fibre and vitamins; great for weaning and growing kids. We want to help our kids and yours to eat a balanced diet, comprised of natural grains with minimal processing – just the way our grandparents have done traditionally.

Childhood can be sweet, without adding excessive sugar! We use a minimal amount of organic brown sugar in the Cereals. Both Slurrp Farm Cereals and Cookies contain less sugar than other comparable products. Sugar creates an addictive response in the brain, and is linked to childhood obesity, toxic liver effects, diabetes and tooth decay. Look out for hidden sugars in everyday foods and be informed about the true amount of processed sugar in your child’s daily diet. Children do NOT need to eat a sugar free diet, but we want to try to put the control back in the hands of parents when we can.

We do not over-process our products. The process of making them is as you would in your own house. The Cereals contain flour from grains, millets and lentils, which we normally eat at home, all with a similar shelf life (sans any preservatives). Also, the packaging is three layers of food grade materials including one which is metalised. It is totally air-sealed to ensure there is no anaerobic activity inside. Once you open the packet, please do store it in a cool, dry place and consume within 30 days.

For the savoury flavoured Cereal – you can grate some vegetables into it, add a dash of lemon or coriander or ghee to add texture to the porridge like consistency.

For the sweet flavoured Cereals – you can add some fresh fruits, such as grated apple, sliced bananas or dry fruits if your child is old enough to eat them.

All the Cereals also taste great as pancakes if your child doesn’t like the consistency as a porridge.

Our yummy-scrummy Cookies are a great healthy snack to carry with you on-the-go. Our delicious and nutritious Cereals cook in just two minutes and are very convenient to carry while travelling. All you need to ensure is that you add boiled water to the mix in order to cook it properly. Most hotels have electric kettles in the room which you can use or if required, you can even request the kitchen staff for boiled water.

Make sure you check the list of ingredients on the box before you buy it – you can also see the complete list online on the website as well as on Amazon and Big Basket.

Also, in case you are not aware of any specific allergies, we would recommend you let your little one taste a wee bit and then wait for a few days to see if there is any adverse reaction.