Terms and Conditions- Order Related


1. Order Cancellation

We will be unable to cancel the order, once it has been placed on the website.

2. Complaints and Grievances

In case if you have any product or post- delivery complaints/grievances, you must notify us within 15 days of having received the order.*
Suitable action will be taken accordingly.
If your ordered products have arrived in a physically damaged or defective condition or are different from what was ordered, request you to reach out to us*

3. Delivery Status

For any delivery related issue request you to please notify us within 7 days of having received your delivery confirmation message from our delivery partner..
Suitable action will be taken accordingly.

4. Refunds and Returns

Only defective and damaged products can be returned within 4 working days from the day of delivery. The refund amount will be processed via RazorPay within 15 working days.

*Kindly share the message/ image of the delivery confirmation OR product condition (whichever applicable):
"For your (i) complaints/griveances and (ii) refunds/returns:
Email: help@slurrpfarm.com
Whatsapp: +919318318000"

5. Wallet Cashback

  1. Offer valid for India users only.
  2. The cashback will be in the form SlurrpFarm Wallet cash which can be redeemed with your next Transaction/ Shopping with us.
  3. The cashback has no expiry.
  4. Cashback cannot be clubbed with any other discount.
  5. As per Cashback policy, the user will be eligible to avail 50% of available cashback.
  6. Check your cashback amount on https://slurrpfarm.com/account
  7. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to withdraw the eligible cashback amount into your bank account or otherwise ask for a cash withdrawal. The cashback amount will be applied as a discount for your eligible purchases. The cashback amount cannot be credited into any pre-paid instrument issued under applicable RBI laws.
  8. SlurrpFarm reserves the right to employ reasonable technological and other methods to prevent abuse of the Offer terms. Further, you acknowledge that SlurrpFarm’s decision to take certain actions, including limiting access to your offer, placing holds or imposing reserves, may be based on confidential criteria that is essential to our management of risk, the security of users’ accounts, comply with applicable laws and the otherwise protect the SlurrpFarm system. You agree that SlurrpFarm is under no obligation to disclose the details of its risk management or its security procedures to you.
  9. If your order is canceled by the payer /refunded by the merchant, SlurrpFarm cashback that has been awarded to your account will be withdrawn.
  10. In case of cancellations/ refunds where awarded cashback is used or for partial cancellations, a refund will be processed as per SlurrpFarm policies.
  11. In cases of fraudulent/suspicious transactions, SlurrpFarm solely reserves the right to revoke the cashback offer/ not award the cashback at all.
  12. In addition to the above, this offer is also subject to SlurrpFarm’s general Terms of Use.