In 2016, we started Slurrp Farm to feed our children better and change the way children and families eat, one plate at a time. We use millets and whole grains in imaginative ways to make little tummies happy!

But to truly change the way our kids eat, we must reach everyone. When we set out to #FeedOurChildren right, we must include all children in our community. We have built that mission within Slurrp Farm’s DNA from Day 1.

1% of every Slurrp Farm purchase goes to #FeedOurChildren

Slurrp Farm dedicates 1% of its revenue to the #FeedOurChildren Slurrp Farm x Akshaya Patra initiative. This is not just CSR - this is a crucial business outcome at Slurrp Farm.

We dedicate 1% of every sale we make to providing healthy, wholesome meals enriched with millets to children enrolled in government schools via India’s largest nutrition program - the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

Our Mission: To feed 5m children by 2025

 Every time you buy a Slurrp Farm product, you help #FeedOurChildren healthier, nutritious food, help them stay in school, finish their education, and scale new heights. Every time you buy a Slurrp Farm product, you change a life.