Slurrp Farm is plastic neutral

We created Slurrp Farm to give our children food that is healthy, tasty, and sustainable - better for us and for our planet. Our top priority is keeping you and your children healthy and safe from harm. Everything we make for you is protected in food-grade packaging.

But the thing about plastic packaging is that it isn’t safe for our environment. So we asked ourselves - how do we abide by our pledge to #DoNoHarm to our planet while protecting the food children and families eat?

We are plastic neutral:

We invest in the circular economy and waste management companies that recycle the same amount of plastic we use in a year.

WHAT WE DO: Fund meaningful plastic action to eliminate our plastic footprint and #DoNoHarm.

HOW IT WORKS: Our partners at The Disposal Company set up infrastructure to collect, sort, and reuse plastic waste. We protect our land, rivers, oceans, and coasts from being choked by discarded plastic.

WHAT THIS MEANS: We nurture India’s circular economy by backing entrepreneurs, communities, and businesses that intercept plastic before it becomes a pollutant and recover low-value plastic from the value chain. Eventually, we are nudging a change to regenerated and recycled plastic. 

Our net plastic footprint is ZERO

Everything we do at Slurrp Farm is to make children, families, and the planet safer and healthier. Every time you buy a Slurrp Farm product, you join us in our pledge to #DoNoHarm.