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Slurrp Farm

We make slurrp Farm food with ancient whole grain millets and zero junk, making little tummies happy!

Slurrp Farm


Slurrp Farm

When my child turned 6 months, the first thing I started with was the banana cereal.

Since then, I've been continuously buying every other product!

Sheila Graham

Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm is easy on the pockets and my daughter really loves the taste.

That's why we switched very early on to Slurrp Farm.

Apeksha Asthana

Slurrp Farm

I'm a big fan of Slurrp Farm!

I don't think I can go back to eating normal noodles again.

Rachita Sibal

Slurrp Farm

Most packaged foods contain cholesterol, artificial sugars, and a lot of perservatives.

My daughter is obsessed with cakes and I don't want to keep feeding her the market cakes.

Amrita Saraf

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