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You and your baby are at an exciting stage, but we also recognize being a parent can be overwhelming, especially when you receive advice from different people. Most parents are juggling so many things every day, not to mention the anxiety or stress of being a “good” mom or dad. Just remember, you’re doing your best and your baby sees and loves you for that!

For everything else about parenting and nutrition, we’re here to offer you appropriate, verified resources and information. Our Slurrp It Up team of experts is ready to guide you (our experts are parents themselves and have walked in your shoes). So, trust us and trust your natural instincts, and enjoy this beautiful journey with your baby!

Curious to see what’s in store for you?

We start the journey with Month 5, where we explore the different styles or methods of weaning, guiding you to choose what works for you and your baby. We also look at motor skills and developmental milestones that indicate a baby’s readiness to start solid food. Month 5 also includes essential topics like homemade teethers, best first foods, and gagging/choking in babies.

As your little one progresses to Month 6, we learn about introducing babies to new experiences like family meals. We also look at introducing key nutrients like iron, vitamins, calcium, etc. in your baby’s diet through balanced meals.

At Month 7, it’s time to dial it up a notch and introduce your baby to the fun, exciting world of various food categories. From pulses, millets, fruits, and veggies to meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, we cover everything you may have in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator!

In Month 8, we discover the exciting world of hand-held foods and important topics like allergens and healthy weight gain. We will guide you on how to adjust milk feeds while balancing them with solid foods.

As your baby arrives at her/his Month 9 milestone, we explore weaning challenges in detail, self-feeding, and eating/traveling out with your baby. We also look at travel-friendly foods so you can travel well prepared.

In Month 10, our experts delve into how you can build your baby’s immunity as well as common health concerns like constipation, gas, diarrhea, and cold/cough. Reading food labels and choosing the right foods for your baby are covered, to ensure you don’t compromise on nutrition.

Oh, and every Month comprises Menu Plans with tasty, simple recipe ideas that are customized for Indian homes and kitchens. You can explore the Course Outline in detail here.

Before we sign off, remember this. You have a parental instinct that kicked in before your baby was born, so trust that instinct. Have faith, be joyful, and create beautiful memories because this time from your baby’s life will not come back ☺

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Slurrp It Up is a really great initiative.

It’s a chance to connect with other moms and get parenting tips and tricks especially on feeding. They resolved my queries too, so I am happy!


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Overall, I’m happy with the Course content

Few questions that other moms asked are the same questions I am also interested in knowing the solutions to.


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I check the content daily

I check the content daily, what they send on WhatsApp. Very helpful! I look forward to what’s coming during the week :