6 Months Food Chart - Hassle-Free step by step for your little one

It may sound beyond belief but dear mommy, you and your little one have made it halfway through the first year! Yay yay yay and a big congratulations! Six months have passed since your little bundle of joy came into your life and we’re sure it’s been quite a journey. Is parenting everything you thought it would be? As moms who know what you’re going through, we know how harrowing and stressful it can get. 


6 months, however, is an important mile marker as this is when your little one is ready to start semi-solids and baby food. This happens alongside slowly beginning to wean them from breast milk. It is important to not get overzealous during this time and you must remember that your baby is trying baby food for the first time. These must be introduced slowly, and in small quantities to check their reaction to it. Be alert to any unusual or unfavorable reactions to any of these items, such as allergies, constipation, or vomiting. If any of these persist, we recommend you consult a pediatrician.

Does all this sound a bit scary? We bet it does. However, it doesn’t have to be scary at all! Planning and organizing your baby’s diet is the key to finding your method in the madness. To help you get started with this, here are a simple 6 months food chart and plan.

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Week 1:

1. Start the week by introducing a fruit i.e., mashed banana, one time a day. Feed it twice the next day.

2. On the third day, you can introduce vegetables, mashed potato (morning), and a thick bottle gourd soup (afternoon).

3. Feed a combination of fruits and vegetables on the fourth day, i.e., mashed banana (morning) and thick bottle gourd soup (night). 

4. Let thick bottle gourd soup be the first solid meal for the fifth day followed by mashed potato (afternoon).

5. Feed mashed potato and rice gruel on the sixth day.

6. On the last day of the week mashed banana and thick bottle gourd soup.

6-Months Baby Food Chart With First Foods Recommendation And Recipes

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Week 2:

1) Start the second week with mashed potatoes (morning) and plain rice moong dal khichri (afternoon).

2) On the second day of the week, you can feed the little one thrice a day: plain rice gruel (morning), mashed banana (afternoon) followed by thick bottle gourd soup (dinner). 

3) The third day will have 2 meals, thick moong soup (morning) and mashed potato (afternoon).

4) For the fourth day, you can introduce a new vegetable, carrot puree (morning) followed by thick moong soup (dinner).

5) The fifth day will have 3 meals again, apple puree (morning), khichri (afternoon), and carrot puree (dinner).

6) Feed moong dal and rice khichri (morning) and apple puree (afternoon) on the sixth day,

7) Carrot puree (morning) and amaranth cereal (afternoon) on the last day of the week. 

6-Months Baby Food Chart

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Week 3:

1) The third week will start with pureed papaya and mashed banana (morning), thick bottle gourd soup (afternoon) and moong dal rice thin khichri (dinner).

2) On the morning of the second day, feed the same food as the previous day followed by dal rice khichri (afternoon). 

3) The third day introduces the most important ingredients i.e., Ragi. Feed ragi porridge (morning), chikoo smoothie (afternoon), and bottle gourd soup (dinner).

4) Repeat the same food on the fourth day.

5) Introduce mashed sweet potato (morning), thick dal soup (afternoon) and mashed banana (dinner) on the fifth day.

6) The sixth day will have papaya puree (morning) and mashed sweet potato (afternoon).

7). Carrot puree (morning), ragi porridge (afternoon), and bottle gourd soup (dinner) on the seventh day.

6-Months Baby Food Chart With First Foods Recommendation And Recipes

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Week 4: 

1) Start the fourth week with mashed banana (morning) and stewed pear (afternoon).

2) On the second day of the week, feed Ragi Porridge (morning), pumpkin puree (afternoon) followed by stewed apple and pear (dinner).

3) On the third day, you can introduce beans with carrot puree (morning) and ragi puree (afternoon).

4) For the fourth day, feed mashed and pureed fruits (morning), peas and carrot puree (afternoon) and vegetable khichri (dinner).

5) For the fifth day, you can feed pumpkin puree (morning), yellow moong dal (afternoon) and mashed banana (dinner).

6) The sixth day will have ragi porridge (morning), stewed potato puree (afternoon) and thick dal soup (dinner)

7) Ragi porridge in the (morning) and vegetable khichri (afternoon) on the last day.

6-Months Baby Food Chart With First Foods Recommendation And Recipes

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1. Make sure to follow the 3-day rule. Note down the new ingredients introduced in the baby’s diet to look out for any allergic reactions

2. It is common for babies to reject unfamiliar foods, as they wean. Be patient and keep offering a variety of foods. Do not worry, this is perfectly normal

3. Please remember that some foods can irritate your baby's digestive system. Avoid highly spicy or greasy foods. Also, avoid foods that could easily cause choking

4. If your baby as several episodes of vomiting after trying new food, has diarrhea, develops a rash, or has swelling of the lips or eyes, he or she may be having an allergic reaction. Stop the feeding and call your pediatrician.


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