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Coconut Sugar

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  • Direct 1:1 substitute for refined white sugar
  • Zero preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, trans fat or cholesterol
  • Use in anything - porridge for little ones, tea, or desserts
      Awesomeness Inside
  • Coconut Sugar - ranks low on the Glycemic Index

Our Natural Sweeteners

  • 100% natural
  • No chemical processing
  • Rich source of iron
  • Can be used as a direct substitute for refined sugar

Regular Sweeteners

  • Preservatives
  • Chemical processing
  • Micronutrient deficient
  • Refined sugar

100% Coconut Sugar

What is coconut sugar made from?

Coconut Sugar is a natural sugar extracted from the sap of coconut flower buds of the coconut palm. First, It is extracted via three steps:

1. The farmers cut the coconut flowers and collect sap.

2. The sap is heated to form sugar crystals.

3. Further, it undergoes a heating and caramelization process.

Can I give coconut sugar to my baby?

When a baby completes six months, it’s time to introduce solids; parents want to make meals tasty by adding different flavours. Use of salt/sugar should not be encouraged till a year. Once the baby completes a year, you can gradually sweeten their foods naturally. Coconut Sugar would be the best.

How is coconut sugar better than white sugar?

It is low in fructose and also has a low Glycemic Index. It has no empty calories and contains nutrients like magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron

Are there any specific recipes to use coconut sugar?

Coconut Sugar can be a healthy replacement for all that you want to sweeten up. It leaves a nutty and caramelized flavour. As the making of coconut sugar does not involve any processing or additives, the taste of coconut sugar depends on the species of coconut used and where it is harvested.

What does it taste like and how much can I use?

Coconut sugar adds a nutty and caramalised flavour to recipes. Use it moderately due to its natural sweetness. Coconut sugar is an healthy alternate to refined sugar but it is also high in calories. Use it as required, do not over-do.

Natural sweeteners are the best for all our health. This coconut sugar is so delicious, make the switch today!

-Meghana and Shauravi

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It's good


Coconut Sugar – Natural Sweetener, 300g

Reply to a comment! (U should gv an option to reply to comments as some comments really sh*t)!

'@Arpita Gupta: Do u know dt u just can’t heat up Honey or mix into any hot preparations?!!! It will turn into slow poison!! When u don’t hv d command on d subject, u shouldn’t be adventurous!!

Arpit Gupta
Better to with honey

Instead of buying sugar one can purchase honey with better glycemic index.
No point in buying this.

Jiten Das

Good product


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