Ragi or Finger Millet

Locally Known as: Mandua/Mangal (Hindi, Machni (Marathi), Taidalu(Telangana)

This small but mighty millet is a hardy crop and can withstand harsh weather conditions, lack of proper irrigation, and even high altitudes. Due to its small grain size it is normally consumed unpolished and in its purest form. While ragi traditionally is a staple in southern Indian food cultures, it has in recent times gained popularity across the country.


  • Ragi contains more calcium than any other cereal (even more than milk!) and can help boost the bone-strengthening material in the human body.
  • Ragi abounds in phosphorus that aids bone and dental health, digestion and balances the pH levels in our body.
  • Ragi’s high-fibre content helps keep people fuller for longer (bye-bye unwanted cravings)- so if your little ones are super active and running around all day, don’t worry, we’ve got their energy levels covered!
  • Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron and is therefore a great addition to the diets of children and adults with low haemoglobin levels.