Our Promise

We believe that healthy eating starts early and becomes a natural way of life for kids as they grow older!

Made Like At Home

All our products are made with care, love, and with the best quality of ingredients (just like you would in your own kitchen). They are all trans-fat free, and we only use real butter, good and clean oils, and even trans-fat free chocolate chips. 

Grandma's Superfoods

Our recipes are based on traditional food wisdom (which from all the amazing Grandmoms) and are also certified by paediatric nutritionists. 

Real is Really Good

 We do not use any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. We only use real fruit and vegetable powders and real cocoa for all the yumminess. 

Less is More

We believe in moderation. We use less sugar and wherever possible, we use healthier alternatives like Jaggery and Honey.