Sit Up for Solids! Your Baby's Sitting Position Matters Day 1: Sit Up for Solids!

Sit Up for Solids! Your Baby's Sitting Position Matters

Every baby has different needs and abilities. While some babies may be ready to start eating solid foods earlier, others may need some more time to be ready.

Is Your Baby Ready?

As shared previously, a good sitting position is key. How your little one is sitting during mealtime can greatly affect how they bring the food to their mouth and how well they can chew it.

Sitting Up Right?

Place your baby on the  floor and see if they can hold themselves up without support. If yes, they are ready to start solid food. Help them practice sitting upright by seating them in a high chair or on your lap. They will learn eventually.

What’s a Good Sitting Position?

Remember the “90 90 90” rule? So the baby’s back is straight at 90 degrees, their hips are at 90 degrees, and their knees are at 90 degrees. If your baby’s in a high chair, their feet should be on a footrest or on the floor straight down, not dangling.

 If your baby’s on your lap, support them just enough to maintain stability, but not so much that they are not able to sit up independently.


Sitting Indian-Style During Mealtimes

Many parents don’t use a high chair and the baby joins the family as they sit Indian-style on the floor. That’s perfectly fine too! But here are some tips to make sure your baby practices good sitting position while on your lap:

Some parents prefer to have their baby sit with them on the floor during mealtime, and that's okay! Here are some tips to ensure that your baby maintains good sitting posture while on your lap:

Avoid these positions during mealtime with your baby:

  • Do not lie down or have your baby lie on a bed, sofa, or reclining chair while feeding them, as this could pose a choking hazard.
  • Do not feed the baby from the side or back. Make sure the baby is facing you and sit directly in front of them so they can see the food coming to their mouth.
  • Avoid distractions like mobile screens or TV during mealtime. The baby should focus on you as the parent.

In case your baby is not yet sitting independently, don’t fret! They probably need more tummy time. Indulge in more tummy time activities here until your little one feels more comfortable and confident to sit upright! Babies are quick learners, so your little one will sit up soon enough.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the best first foods that are highly recommended for your baby, so they can start building a healthy and happy relationship with food.