Weaning Essentials Part 2: What's Not Helpful Day 5: Weaning Essentials Part 2

Weaning Essentials Part 2: What's Not Helpful

Here are some items that you certainly should not waste your money on, as it does not add any value to your baby’s meal time experiences – and in fact may hinder their skills!

1) Mixer or food processor

As mentioned in the previous article, hand mashing (by fork or hand masher) is the way to go – no matter what weaning approach you choose.

When we use a mixer, blender, or food processor, the result is a smooth and fine paste/puree, which does not allow babies to taste or feel any texture in the food. But when we mash by hand, granular/chunky/lumpy textures are retained in the puree. Having some texture in food is necessary for babies’ oral motor development.

2) Mesh feeder or nibbler

Using nibblers for babies is not recommended. The whole idea of weaning babies off at 6 months is to ensure that they start developing a liking and taste for different varieties of food, textures, and flavors.

When you put the food in a nibbler, a child is not able to experience the texture of the food; instead, they feel the texture of the mesh of the nibbler.

3) Processed baby food mixes

It’s best to avoid processed baby food mixes as they tend to contain unnecessary sugar and high sodium content. They are not recommended for babies under 12 months of age.

Many of these readymade mixes (which can be mixed with water) do not have any flavor or texture. In some instances, babies who are fed this often get habituated to sweet-tasting foods! That’s why home-cooked foods are a better choice for your baby.

Processed baby food mixes can be consumed on some occasions, for example, if you’re traveling. Look out for sugar-free options though.

4) Baby food pouches

Like readymade baby food mixes, baby food pouches too are a convenient thing to have, especially when you’re traveling with your little one.

It’s good if food pouches and readymade mixes don’t become an everyday occurrence in your baby’s solid food journey.

5) Baby cook books

Baby cook books are also not necessary as we want to introduce our babies to traditional family-cooked meals. Once babies are used to eating family-cooked meals, feel free to try out these baby cook books

Lastly, no fancy feeding equipment is needed to start your baby on their weaning journey.

As we have mentioned earlier, the one thing your baby absolutely needs is a parent who is present in the moment!

Babies can sense excitement (or stress) and love, and when a parent or caregiver is consciously and completely present during the baby’s meal time, it will only help create a more positive and joyful weaning journey.