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Beetroot Multigrain Millet Dosa Mix

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  • Made using a blend of supergrains, natural beetroot powder, and a mix of mild spices
  • Zero maida, white rice, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, artificial colours or flavours 100% vegetarian
      Awesomeness Inside
  • Ragi - 10X the calcium of wheat and rice
  • Oats - rich source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Urad dal - high in calcium and protein
  • Red rice - great sources of iron and antioxidants
  • Beetroots - loaded with vitamin A, B complex, C, K, and E

Our Dosas

  • Multigrain supergrains
  • Filled with real beetroot
  • Rich in protein and fibre
  • Zero additives

Regular Dosas

  • Maida
  • Artificial flavours
  • Transfat
  • Preservatives and stabilizers

Oat, Ragi, Urad Dal, Red rice, Suji, Beetroot and a mix of spices (Fenugreek, Curry leaves, Cumin), Salt

Is the dosa mix gluten-free?

Yes, our dosa are protein-packed and made with the goodnes millets and dals. It doesn not contain white rice.

Can you refrigerate a prepared dosa batter?

Yes, a prepared batter can be refrigerated in a clean container but consumed within 24 hours.

Why is my dosa soft?

Our millet dosa tastes excellent, but the texture of the dosa will not be as crispy as usual dosa because it does not contain starch. Regular rice dosa contains rice starch which gives it a crispy texture.

Can I serve this in dinner as a main meal?

Our easy to cook dosa mixes can be relished by your lil one and you - at any mealtime! Serve it with a bowl of sambhar and coconut chutney for a satisfying meal. Also, you can wrap it up with your choice of veggies.

What should be the consistency of dosa batter?

We recommend you to follow the instructions on the pack to get the correct consistency of the batter. If it is too thin - the dosa will tear off into pieces and if too thick - it will be spongy.

Can beetroot multigrain millet be good for meal time?

Beets have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, B, C, K, and E, and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and above all, boosts immunity. This is why we have curated this protein=packed blend along with beetroot for an exciting mealtime. Crispy and tasty with a pleasant pinkish-red colour nourishes your child and gives them vital nutrients essential for their growth.

This soft beetroot dosa is a firm favourite for all ages. It was born in my grandmother's kitchen when she suggested ways to make a soft dosa for my son

-Meghana and Shauravi

Customer Reviews

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Minal Mallik

I loved it though my 1st dosa didn’t turn out well but after that there was no looking back. It tastes nice with coconut chutney…just ensure it has dosa consistency n ur sorted!

Madhumitha Manigandan

Multigrain Millet Dosa Mix Beetroot

Neethu Jeevan
Healthy and Yummy

My 10 month old baby stopped having semi solids once she had started tasting our food(solids) ... so there was no way to continue the very nutritious ragi. That's when I heard about slurrpfarm... No words... Just wow.. Tasty and Healthy in every way. Easy to make anytym (even as a midnight snack). Even though the packet says 2 year plus, it's totally a yes for my 1 year old. We just love it! Thank you, SlurrpFarm.

Subrahmanyam Chinchinada
Never Before Ever After

It's one of the best ever product ever from slurpfarm, Definitely improves your blood purity, try this one
GrabOn deals always the best

Madhu Sharna
Great product

This is a great product Slurrp Farm


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