"Eating right should be simple and joyful. It’s why I have always included millets in our diet at home. I first came across Slurrp Farm when buying cereal for my daughter. Made with ragi and jowar, no refined sugar, no maida, sustainable and natural, and SO tasty - it was just what I wanted for her. I met the two mothers who started it and we instantly connected on the need to change the way our children eat"

- Anushka Sharma

Anushka's Favourites

Anushka Sharma juggles so many roles - actress, businesswoman, mother. Now, she has added another one - strategic partner and investor at Wholsum Foods and Slurrp Farm!

Anushka has built her life on conscious choices, especially in how she eats. Her commitment to a sustainable life inspires us! We are taking millets to the centre of everyone’s plates. After all, feeding our children right today is not enough, we have to leave them a better planet.

Slurrp Farm

We make slurrp Farm food with ancient whole grain milletsand zero junk, making little tummies happy!

Slurrp Farm