Foxtail Millet Vermicelli, Semiya – No Maida, No White Rice, 180 g

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  • No maida, no white rice. Zero trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Easy to cook - cook the vermicelli for 6-8 minutes and it's ready to be made into your favourite recipes
  • Enjoy the goodness of millet vermicelli in your favourite recipes - kheer, payasam, vermicelli (semiya) upma, pulav, etc.,
  • Foxtail Millet is a rich source of Vitamin A and Magnesium and helps build immunity
  • No preservatives, artificial flavours and colours 
  • Weight - 180g, shelf life - 9 months
Foxtail millet flour (navane / thinai / kangri), wholewheat flour

Step 1: Rinse the vermicelli in plain water and then steam cook it for 6-8 minutes

Step 2: Rinse it with cold water

Step 3: Cook as per your favourite recipe