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Sprouted Ragi Powder (First Food)

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  • Ideal first food for little ones
  • Made using sprouted ragi - naturally organic
  • Zero maida, sugar, salt, trans fat, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours
  • 100% vegetarian
Awesomeness Inside:
  • Ragi - 10X the calcium of wheat and rice
  • Sprouting ragi increases protein content and makes nutrients easier to absorb

Made by Two Mothers

I swam for the Indian national team, and Ragi was the secret of my energy :-)

~ Meghana Narayan, Co-founder

Our Cereals

  • Ideal first food (grandmother's recipe)
  • Ragi has 10X the calcium of wheat and rice
  • Sprouted for enhanced nutrition
  • Zero artificial additives

Regular Cereals

  • Sweetened with refined sugar
  • Micronutrient deficient
  • Not sprouted
  • Preservatives and stabilizers

When can I give sprouted ragi powder to my kid?

Sprouted ragi is a perfect first food for your little one!

It is easy to digest, a rich source of calcium and iron, and great for growing bones. It's great as a soft porridge, and it's completely unflavoured with any salt or sugar. Just pure goodness.

How much should I feed my child?

That really depends on your child's appetite, but typically, up to three scoops of our sprouted ragi powder per serving.

Should this only be given in summers?

Although ragi is often seen as a warming food, it is absolutely suitable for all seasons.

How does sprouting ragi help?

Sprouting ragi makes it easier for the body to absorb vital minerals like calcium and iron, which means extra nutrition for your little one.

Is there any added flavour in this cereal?

None at all, you can flavour this as you like.

Will my child like unflavoured cereal?

Most little ones would happily accept this cereal as they would not have developed a taste for sugar or salt yet.

If you're not sure, you could start with a trial pack and see how your child responds. Also, many parents add puréed fruit or vegetables to this cereal to introduce new tastes and textures to their little ones, so you could experiment.

Can I use this powder in other recipes?

Absolutely! You can choose to make sprouted ragi idli, rotis, cookies, and even soups. Do let us know what you make!

How should I store this once it's opened?

Just transfer the contents to an airtight container and consume it within a month or by the expiry date, whichever comes first.

100% Sprouted Ragi, blended into a fine powder

Customer Reviews

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Ami Mehta Jain
Sprouted Ragi

My baby absolutely loves this! This is always her comfort food, whether it has been a tiring day or a day of rejected meals. Safest bet. Try it with jaggery powder. Ragi Porridge ❤️


Test Test

Asha Murthy

Sprouted Ragi Cereal for the Little Ones (First Food)

Manvir singh Randhawa

One packet taste not gud,smile is very strong like its expired bt other one packet is gud

Ahlawat Meenakshi

Sprouted Ragi Cereal for the Little Ones (First Food)


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