Amaranth aka Rajgira or Ramdana is cultivated largely for its seeds which have a high concentration of proteins, vitamins, and minerals

Amaranth grains were once considered a staple food in the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations. This nutritious grain is naturally gluten-free and rich in protein, fiber, micronutrients, and antioxidants.

Some of the key health benefits of Amaranth are:

Amaranth seeds are a great source of plant proteins which are essential for repairing the wear and tear of body tissues.

These seeds are also rich in magnesium which is required for over 300 bio-chemical reactions in the body, including muscle contraction and DNA synthesis.

Amaranth contains phosphorus which aids in maintaining bone health and iron which helps regulate blood pressure.

It is a good source of health-promoting antioxidants which protect our body and help in boosting our immunity.

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